The Neverending Journey

So a little background as to why I want to write a blog…………

I have always had a lot to say, a curious mind, a deep thinker and an emotional being. Im constantly re-evaluating my life.

I became overwhelmed with the thought ‘who am I?’

What do I like do?

What are my hobbies?

Finding me or Nemo

What is this all about?

I love being a mum, albeit it I found it the hardest task I never planned to take on, but I have tried to be the best parent I can be. I haven’t been perfect, far from it and over the years people have taken cheap shots to ensure they have told me just that! 

I have made poor decisions but I have also made great ones.

However for the last 16 years I have been just that, a girlfriend (to some total shit bags) a big sister to six younger siblings and a mother.

Now I am aware that is not the biggest feat- and many people across the country have done the same. I’m no hero, I am nothing special but in the process of being something to everyone,  I have lost my identity. In fact, I am not sure I ever had one!

So after some late night thinking, I decided to quit my job and attempt to do some soul searching. 

I wanted to:

1) Start a blog

2) I wanted to join some clubs

3) I wanted to lose weight (or at least attempt AGAIN)

4) I wanted to give my brain a rest 

5) I wanted to walk my dogs 

Instead I have had a difficult time finding and searching for my identity. 

Today it dawned on me, I have an identity!!!!!

It’s just mixed up with all the other important roles in my world. I need to take time to unravel those roles and in the centre of them- there I am. 

Any way enough rambling- I just wanted to give some context to why I wanted to start this. 

As time passes and I write more; it will naturally give an insight into who I am. I will use this space to vent, moan, to celebrate and sometimes just air out my thoughts, effectively a diary.

So long for now and remember Decent bra and proper knickers you can’t go wrong.

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