Well every year I say I can’t believe he is turning 12,13,14….Like every Monday I’m gonna lose weight. 

However I really can’t believe he is 17. In fact We are both 17 in these pics and our futures couldn’t be more different. I can’t even imagine him with a child, he is still a big baby himself when it comes to a lot of things. 

He has the whole world at his feet. The dreams and ideas he comes out with make me smile, shuddered with dread or sometimes even emotional. The world truly is his oyster….ANYWAY enough with the cliches…. I just hope over the years that spark he has developed never ever disappears by being ‘bogged’ down too early with adult life. I’ve done enough adult life so he doesn’t have to worry just yet!

He is beginning to become a man. Yesterday he moved me to the inside of the road, so I was walking near the traffic, He held me up on the metro (I have balance issues with little feet and a large chest) . He navigated us around Paris when I had no idea where we was. He even stopped when my feet hurt and said lets get you some comfy shoes. He is a great caring nephew to his many aunties and the bond he has with his nan is something quite special.

So kid, I have got you to your 17th birthday…with no gang affiliation, no girl knocking my door to say she is with child (praise the Lord) no bad attitude, not smoking any dodgy substances and only ever heard you swear twice in my company (to be fair I allowed him to have his moment).😂

He has told me,  this is the last birthday with him…So no more ‘let’s not wake up in a different place/country’. Something we have done for many years.

Next year the punk is going to Ibiza ‘lads holiday’ he tells me. He isn’t going. It’s not happening… but we will cross that bridge in 365 days time.

So whilst inside I’m incredible needy- and totally want to party with him. I never want to be that mum who parties with their kids all the time….Cringe!!!!!

So I sit here in Paris watching him iron( as he refused to leave the hotel without doing his ironing and washing his hair. Yawn!!!

As I watch, I am beginning to realise what I have achieved. A wonderful amazing young man. 

My greatest achievement

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