Sliding doors?

I was on my forth train and had enjoyed people watching. A rather attractive guy asked me for a light. I looked rough and paid no attention- at first.

Then he says ‘quick fag before u start work’ I say yea but got a few more trains yet.

He then says ‘ it’s cold today’ 
I say not really at least it’s not raining. He laughs and says true.

I watch him light his cigarette and he comes and sits next to me. We are both facing out so its limited eye contact.

He mentions a few other things but 
I now feel this conversation is more than me giving him a lighter. But hey it’s gone quiet now so maybe he was just being friendly. British small talk.

Then he says ‘u got any nice plans for the weekend?’ 
I explain cinema tonight. Special treat on Sunday for a friends birthday (can’t possibly reveal on here as Amy will know)

He then said oh nice.
Then he says so where do u live then if ur on ur second train. I said Putney. He states he is from north west (means nothing to me-I’m south through and through)

He asks my job etc and where I’m heading. Whilst he is asking I’m checking my surroundings thinking this is a joke

I say ur very friendly. He said yea why not….

I become awkward. Notice I’m slouching in the reflection… So I sit yo to  look less chubby- elongate the body and suck in my gut. Oh my body is now flirting. Lol

He said are u stretching. I lie and say yes cos I’ve been cramped on a train. 
(What it really looked like I was pushing my boobs out…I wasn’t but he couldn’t help but glance!)

He then says so what’s ur name. We are now looking at each there and my hamster cheeks look even bigger Coz I’m trying not to smile

I tell him and he says nice to meet u. I’m Jamie.

He then takes a call and I’m checking out his shoes. The outfit and trying to figure what he might do for a living and where he was headed. And check for no wedding ring.

He then remarks about people being late to meet him. I say I’m terrible for that. We laugh. What the heck are we laughing at. It wasn’t a joke.

I then get up. Put my cigarette out and say lovely to meet u. He said same to u Emily… Hope the sun is shinning for u today.

Was he flirting?

What if that was my future husband. 
Sliding doors 😉😂😂

Either way what a nice man!

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