Big big knickers

So here we go again….

I am on my 756th diet…today I have had eaten two cupcakes, a happy meal, and any sweets I could find in the office.

Every Monday is the same ‘I’m gonna lose weight, I am gonna be the size 10 AGAIN!’

Then life happens and I cant help it, I love food!!

More recently I have battled with body image,

I DONT LIKE MY ARMS- Would rather be hot than take a cardigan off or jacket.

I DONT LIKE MY LEGS – parts wobble  that shouldnt and I just think they look like a doner kebab roasting away in a shitty kebab shop.

MY BOOBS- they are huge and gravity wins every time. Short of chucking them over my shoulder to get in the bath-or sweeping the floors. I try my best to make them look half decent. In fact in a bra they do look okay.

MY FACE- my nose doesnt suit my face, I have beaver Cheeks and rodent like features.

MY STOMACH- underground map, and jelly like!

All the above is something that every day I am aware of and make efforts to hide or look less unattractive.

Today I cried about it- I cried so much that I have decided I am not going to be hostage in this crappy body. I will eat better- I will exercise more and in time, I may just like my body.

Whislt I am criquing myself- lets explore my personality- its Spot on!! (well I am a bit of a crazy,cheeky cow) but I am a legend……now just need to get that legendary body to match. Nevertheless best to let the body perfect girls have some chance.

In the meantime- decent bra and proper knickers-YOU CANT GO WRONG.

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