Invisibility Cloak

Two broken legs, bruised ribs and a black eye- you haven’t been out for days so no one knows about it. You hide it well, you continue to message people because no one needs to know. Messaging means they won’t guess how much pain you are in.

BUT if people knew, you would be inundated with visitors and well-wishers and of course the odd nosey person who wants to know how you got the injuries. Overall it would be positive response and you would feel loved. You would get flowers and people would tell you how brave you are. They would understand how this would stop you from doing every day chores.

You may get offers of help and even get people offering to cook or clean, because with two broken legs how on earth are you going to do those things?How would you get out and about. 

Not one person would tell you to get up and get back to work. Your mates and family would be cruel if they asked you to go shop for them or do something as crazy as to sign you up for a marathon.

Even a simple night out could be problematic. No one would dare say ‘don’t feel sorry for yourself’ or ‘at least your arms aren’t broken’. Needless to say with your injuries, people would understand right? Very limited expectations would be placed on you once people knew right?

Wrong- that’s how it feels to have anxiety; it isn’t a word to be thrown around lightly. It can disable you, it can prevent you from getting up and out. It limits what you are able to do around the house. It feels like everything you say is an issue for others and you worry about other people’s responses. In fact it’s absolutely exhausting, thinking… ‘Have I upset them’, ‘I hope they dont think I didn’t care,’ ‘I hope they read between the lines and see the real me.’ ‘I wish someone would see the struggles and just get it’

The well wishers who would have cooked your dinner or helped with your chores are now all medical experts- who say things like ‘you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself’ or ‘look what you do have rather than what you don’t’ or they laugh at your irrational thoughts.

Not everyone suffers with anxiety but those who do will understand what it is to feel invisible, panicked, lonely, worthless, restless and totally drained when anxiety has a grip on you. 

Those who haven’t experienced anxiety will know how hard it is to be around someone who looks totally fine. They appear to have a lot going for them but lacks motivation, someone who frustrates you because their mood and worries seem so ‘crazy’ that you wonder if they are trying to seek attention.

However if we accept that those with anxiety have injuries invisible to the naked eye then we have a better chance at supporting, helping and saving those who suffer regularly with anxiety!

Who is going to try and figure it out? who will stand along side those who suffer or live with it?

Educate yourselves

Remember decent bra and proper knickers- you cant go wrong.

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