Em, Gem and Tam ❤️ There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature-Jane Austin

Gemma, Emily and Tammy… we are  different in many ways physically, personality and  professionally but what we have is a unique bond that has stretched over the decades. 

We have been there for each other through deaths, funerals and even suspected hauntings (don’t ask tam!) We have cried over break ups together and watched each other fall in love again. 

We Plotted revenge or more accurately talked each other out of taking revenge to levels that are way too close to the edge (mainly me). We’ve held each other when the other one wasn’t strong enough to stand alone. 

I will be eternally grateful to December/January 2002 to them both. For what they have done for me was more than they will ever know. (Before,during and after) they  gave me hope and that hope gave me the life I have now- so thank you. ❤️ We have watched each other bring up our families through the trips, trials and turns- resulting in 8 amazing children between us. Who; all by the way,rock! They defo are not statistics. (For those who wrote us off for being young mums.) Albeit Tam and Gem did succumb to some of the stereo types with the clown necklaces, valour tracksuits, and half a shandy’s in the kings head in the summer months with their matching batty riders on. (They always had better legs than me) 

We were just three young mums finding ourselves and raising children. We made it up as we went along- long walks to the local park, walks to Asda was a day trip out and on treat days we went Putney for McDonald’s. I mean we didn’t even know how to pronounce Jojo Maman Bebe let alone shop in it. It was all about the gap and next sale to kit their wardrobes for summer and winter. 

We have always had each other’s back no matter what, which is handy as half of Roehampton hate us. The looks when we went to the pub for pre drinks were exceptional. We didn’t care. Deep breath as we walked in with me readjusting my bra and the girls pulling down their skirts that resembled belts. The dirty looks from some of the girls who would hold their Fellas a little tighter like we were there to mess up their ‘perfect’ relationships. 

Anyway This level of loyalty has caused rows with our partners with the phrases ‘your obsessed with each other’ or ‘how can you talk about shit for so long on the phone’ or the Classic is ‘what, so you lot all going out yea!!’ But I think after all this time they know they will never break the bond. 

Our unspoken principles are based on trust and honesty and that together is an enviable duo that makes our friendship special and rock solid. We don’t judge either. What ever Makes you happy is our motto!

We have shared moments where you can’t laugh anymore. Times where  you wet yourself laughing and can’t catch your breath type of moments! 

Like the two of them calling me in the early hour of the morning because they had gone to a party and someone in the middle of winter turned a hose on them. They were like shivering pigeons in a phone box begging for help from anyone to get


Or the time we went out and convinced a set of mates we were rich strippers only to be kicked out coz I threw up in the boys toilet as I refused to wait in the queue for the female toilets. 

Or smoking rolled up paper at 3am coz i didn’t have fags. 

Or the countless times we would blag our ways into clubs without queuing or paying like we were celebrities. Establishing who would be better to sweet talk the bouncer. 

Or going for a curry n ending up rolling down box hill. 

I don’t think there is a significant life event that can happen to someone that one of us hasn’t experienced. 

We have had love, babies, marriage, wedding, holidays, moving homes, failed engagements, rows with in laws, break ups, operations, diagnosis, death, pain, loss, and miscarriage BUT above all soooo many laughs. 

Anyway what I wanted to say is….. we are special and when together we have an energy I have never been able to replicate. 

I hope we will continue to make enemies, memories and laugh together for many years to come. 

What sums us up is that we have a friendship that runs as deep as blood and I couldn’t do life without you both

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