The Killer

What would you do if a killer lived in your house; they shared your kitchen, bathroom, and even had access to your children?

What would you do if this killer who you have been close with for over 18 years threatened your children, your friends and family?

What would you do if this killer scared you at times, like really scared you? 

What would you do if other people had no idea this killer lived with you, ate family meals with you. however every time you want to ‘out’ the killer , you didn’t think anyone will believe you?

What would you do if some people DID know you lived with this killer and did nothing about it?

What would you do if I said your family and friends knew of the killer but left you alone for days with this killer, leaving you scared and nervous of the killer’s next steps?

What would you do if the killer had killed before but was sooo clever that no one knew it was them?

What would you do if your close friends and family told you that if you didn’t get rid of the killer out of your home then it’s my own fault? Sound fair? 

What if this killer scared you, and you were worried you were not brave enough to throw them out?

What if you have thrown them out before but during a weak moment they came back?

What if there were some parts of the killer you actually liked? That knowing the killer was so vicious to others but somehow may protect you because you have begun to believe their nasty lies?

The thought that other people may live with killers, the young mum you see in the supermarket with her cute well dressed little girl and a trolley full of healthy shopping- what if she lived with a killer.

How about the girl with 630 likes on her Instagram page, who is stunning and hugely popular, maybe she lives with one.

Or the old man who you see out walking his dog, he used to live with a killer and the killer has now wiped out some of his family and he is next on the list.

The hairdresser who is always happy and bubbly but lives next to door to the killer.

The 15 year boy who is A* student with great parents who love each other but they have a killer living with them. 

What if 6 people you come into contact with over the next fortnight all lived with a killer?

Who do you call?  Where are the police? Why is everyone ignoring the killer? Why is this serial killer not on the news, on crime watch? Where is the justice?

Why I tell you is because that killer is DEPRESSION, and it lives in the mind, soul and very core of some people!!!

Don’t judge- don’t be a medical expert….instead lets ‘out’ this killer, let’s tell this killer we all know about them and we aren’t scared. Depression isnt something to be embaressed of, depression is not picky who it targets . Be sure to look after your mind because although not visable to the human eye, it can destroy families.

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