The phone call

The phone call

So I brace myself for the phone call, the heartburn is still roaring in my chest and I feel sick.

For a split second I think ‘what if I’ve got this all wrong’

I call and ask where he is. He said he is driving on the M25. So I say ‘do you have a fake Facebook account.’ In a Millisecond he says no.

I question him again. Are you sure. He says yes I’m sure. Then he pauses, he says ‘oh I know it’s my business account, I could use my business so just set up a different name’

Lies lies lies.

He has a business account on Instagram and when he set it up he wanted me and all my friends to add him. So why not the Facebook. Account.

I then asked him if he had txed anyone that I should know about. Had he cheated on me. He denied it. He denied its over and over again. In fact he was so angry and said to me that our relationship was over if I didn’t tell him how I was getting this information.

He had no idea it was over 5 days ago for me, I just wanted to see if he had the respect to tell me the truth.

The truth, what a joke; In fact he even went as far as to swear on our nieces and nephews life that I got it all wrong.l!

Wow…. what a scumbag. I had the evidence right in front of me, screen shots, the emails, the Facebook account. The Pictures on my phone confirmed he was lying and still he didn’t give me the respect to just own up.

He said he was coming home and I quickly explained this isn’t your home any more. I told him his stuff was outside his dads house and I was never welcome here again.

He began to panic then started to admit things in dribs and drabs. It’s only been the last month, then he gave me anger and attitude. Like a self righteous view that he has a right to be heard and I must listen. Nope. I’ve seen all I needed and I certainly know he clearly has never listened to me.

Now he wants to speak to me and explain and says ok it’s only been the last year. Wow. Lie upon lie. A year? I felt sick again, the heartburn was back roaring in my chest up to my throat like I shouted loud enough I might acting breathe fire.

Then the tears came, Not from me; from him.

However I’m very perceptive and those tears were not genuine at all. It was false, Disingenuous, no connection, it was basic self preservation. He had been caught and the perception others had of him, would now dissolve as quickly as the marriage would have.

I told him I knew everything, and I did. In my heart and then he sucker punched me with the final blow. He said he had involved other people into our lives for the entire six years!

I hung up. My whole world has been a complete lie. I can’t think straight and the room is fading, I need to breathe

Six years whole years!

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