Real life connections

I’ve seen a lot of memes and quotes about mental health on peoples social media. This Is mainly prompted by the recent death of a reality star. I think the thing that shocked most people is the misconception that he had it all or he had so much to live for. However you truly don’t know what’s going on for someone. Nevertheless we do all know someone who is low, sad or just struggling at the moment. Life isn’t easy at the best of times but someone who lives/manages or struggles with depression it’s even more torturous at times. So Im not knocking anyone for posting tributes or memes about ‘please talk to someone’, BUT ask yourself when was the last time you sent a ‘morning tx’ to a friend, colleague or family member? When did you invite them over for dinner to ease the pain of their thoughts for just a few hours? When did you arrange to meet up to connect with them? We live in a world where everyone is busy, preoccupied with their own shit and I completely get that. But when you can take time to post…. also make a call, send a tx, pop round. Don’t say I’m here when truly you aren’t. When you say ‘how are you’ to someone- set time aside to hear that they might not be ok. I have 3 people only who tx me regularly. One in particular who, if they don’t hear from me- will hound me until they do- Melissa. This is because she cares, she is connected to me in real time not for the gram or anything in return. She does this because she knows 18 year ago, I was that person who truly didn’t want to be around. I couldn’t see the way out. I was lost and that cloud followed me and I couldn’t shake it. She also knows that life has been tough and pretty shitty the last nine months. Yes, despite my social media antics and nights out! She knows that I hide my sadness at times. So don’t be fooled by social media, don’t get caught up in posting things you don’t practice yourself. We are all busy but respect that mental health is a daily struggle for some people. So please if nothing else send a tx today to someone you love. To that someone who, if you were at their funeral, you would those thoughts ‘I could have done more’! Make real connections not just a meme. ❤️❤️❤️

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